Welcome to Alt Farms! Home of Specialty & Personalized Pumpkins!

We are a pumpkin stand.  You will find our pumpkins picked, cleaned, and ready to go to their new homes.  No need to trudge through a pumpkin patch trying to compare pumpkins and find a favorite.  Browse through the stand and make your selections.

Brian and I and our two girls live near Madrid, Iowa.  Growing up my family grew pumpkins and sold them off my grandparent’s front lawn.  Dad showed me how to etch pumpkins with my name and endless possibilities unfolded.

I am a creative plant enthusiast.  What better way to have fun with plants then to make them “talk”?  I started by etching names on pumpkins for my girls and their friends.  The kids loved to find their very own pumpkin with their name.  After seeing their excitement I decided to spread the fall fun by making custom scarred pumpkins.

I would love to bring your ideas to life on a pumpkin.  Ask me how!

We are no longer taking custom orders for the fall. Come on out and visit our roadside stand! A wide variety of pumpkins to choose from.

How does it work?

I have been growing a wide variety of pumpkins since grade school perfect for fall fun.  The wonderful part of Alt Farms pumpkins is that they can be personalized with your name or logo.  The pumpkins are etched when the pumpkins are young with your request and heal with your design “scarred” on them.  Since the pumpkins are not harmed they can sit on your table or front step for weeks in excellent condition.

Our custom pumpkins have been scarred with preschool class names, family names, fun phrases, names for a desk nameplate and even to learn the alphabet!  Ask what we can do to enhance your fall pumpkin experience.  We would love to make your ideas come to pumpkin life!

Our most asked question – how does this work?

First pick out your pumpkin in our Pumpkin Shop. We have many different sizes and colors. Second click order and enter the words, names, logo or saying you would like etched on your pumpkin. Best results are with single words or simple sayings. Third we pick out your perfect pumpkin and etch with your order. Fourth you will be notified for local pick up dates or when your order will ship.

Tag us in a picture on Twitter or Instagram and let us know how your pumpkin looks. We love to see them in their new homes!

Our pumpkins are grown outdoors and subject to Mother Nature. On the off chance that your pumpkin does not reach maturity, you will be offered another pumpkin of similar color and size.


Alt Farms is a roadside specialty pumpkin stand located near the scenic High Trestle Trail bridge. We are open from mid-September through late October. Stop by and pick out a pumpkin. Beyond custom orders we have many unique pumpkins for purchase.

Come see us!

Alt Farms
2354 QF Lane
Madrid, IA  50156
Hours of operation – sunrise to sunset

Our pumpkins can also be found at Xander’s Pumpkin Stand
11565 NW 114th Ave
Granger, IA 50109
Hours of operation
Fridays 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm
Saturdays 9:00 am to 8:00 pm
Sundays 4:00 pm to 7:00 pm

Email us – we would love to hear from you