Alt Farms
How does it work?

How does it work?

Jessie has grown a wide variety of pumpkins since grade school.  The quirky part of Alt Farms pumpkins is that pumpkins of any size and color can be personalized with your name or logo.  The pumpkins are etched when the pumpkins are young with your request and heal with your design “scarred” on them.  Since the pumpkins are not harmed they can sit on your table or front step for weeks in excellent condition.

Alt Farms grows a colorful array of pumpkins.  We grow everything from mini to giant, white, pink, blue, green, tan, orange, striped, and bumpy pumpkins. I can match color schemes for weddings and engagement parties.  I very much enjoy the creativity and challenge of making your vision come to life.

Our custom pumpkins have been scarred with preschool class names, family names, fun phrases, names for a desk nameplate and even to learn the alphabet.  Ask what we can do to enhance your fall pumpkin experience.  I love to make your ideas come to life.

Tag us in a picture on Twitter or Instagram and let us know how your pumpkin looks. I love to see them in their new homes.

The pumpkins are grown outdoors and subject to Mother Nature. On the off chance that your pumpkin does not reach maturity, you will be offered another pumpkin of similar color and size.